About Amanah

Amanah Advisors is an independent, globally recognised Shariah advisory firm. Amanah is dedicated to offering wholesome end-to-end Shariah-compliant solutions by leveraging on its experience, global connections and expertise in the field.

Amanah was a start-up in 2016 which has grown exponentially across the world. After a short span of three years, it has already benefited over 1000 clients across 5 continents in more than 20 different countries. This is of no surprise given the experience, knowledge and rapid turnarounds Amanah brings to the table.

Our Vision

Riba-free world.

Our Mission

To enable Shariah-powered transactions.

What does Amanah mean?

Amanah in Arabic means trust. Trust underpins all our services. We honour and fulfil the trust our clients put in us to provide a holistic, wholesome and Shariah-powered solution.

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