We are proud to have our name and branding on leading Islamic financial institutions in the world. Our Shariah certification services is an end-to-end review of all aspects of the business and product with a view to certifying on compliance. Our experienced and decentralised global team of advisors allows us to streamline the Shariah certification process. We ensure that not only do we certify upon compliance, but we seek to add value to your product by advising on optimal offerings and flows.

We know how valuable Shariah certification is for you; if a product is found to be non-compliant in the review, we will develop multiple solutions for you to restructure the product in a Shariah-compliant way and achieve certification. We will not walk away or disengage if a risk has been identified; we will help you mitigate that risk too.


Why choose Amanah for Certification services?

Amanah is fast becoming a world-renowned Shariah advisory firm with reach across the continents. We ensure you receive an end-to-end Shariah experience and work at timescales to suit your business plans. By choosing us, you will enjoy a range of benefits that include the following:

Easy access to world-renowned Shariah scholars.
In-depth review and expert study of each proposed product for certification.
Timely guidance to clients ensuring the product is redesigned for Shariah Certification.
Developing products for you that are not only Shariah-compliant but commercially viable, tax-efficient and in line with legal and regulatory frameworks.

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