Shariah Advisory

The Amanah Advisors team’s advisory services are focused on solving problems. Our unique team of consultants specialised in Islamic Finance, Islamic law, accounting, tax, financial planning, fintech, law and corporate finance allows us to deliver advice and guidance for your products and services to embed Shariah compliance in the most cost-effective and efficient way. We want your product to work for you, your clients and the entire economy.

Areas of Shariah Advisory:

Business Development


Corporate restructuring

Transforming corporates, businesses, platforms or departments into Shariah-compliant operations and services.

Shariah Strategy formation

Developing and forming strategies which align with Shariah principles to ensure you maximise your return whilst reducing non-Shariah compliance risk.

Shariah governance and regulatory frameworks

Enhancing your brand by developing Shariah governance and regulatory frameworks for your products and services.

Shariah business planning

Developing Shariah-compliant competitive landscape analysis, feasibility studies, financial projections, research, product line extensions, marketing strategies and more.

Islamic Capital Market


Sukuk Structuring

Expert architects for Sukuk structuring, syndication/consortium financing and Sukuk issuances.

Islamic Mutual Funds

Creating and advising on Shariah-compliant portfolio management with a view to achieving high ethical yields.

Shariah screening

End-to-end Shariah screening of equities, REIT funds, mutual funds, private equity and more.


Islamic Social Finance



Building shariah-compliant microfinance products and solutions for sustainable development and growth.


End-to-end Zakat management and Zakat advisory services focusing on calculation, efficient collection and high-impact distribution strategies.


Constructing Shariah-compliant Waqf guidance and drafting Waqf constitutions for your Waqf-based products and services.

Takaful and Re-Takaful



Experienced Takaful end-to-end product development covering all forms of general Takaful and family Takaful products.


Shariah review and governance for risk exposures & policy documentation, claims including specialist Loss Adjusting services, investment guidelines, Retakaful/Reinsurance arrangements and Certification of Shariah-compliance.


Islamic Banking



Seamless and efficient end-to-end product development for Islamic retail and corporate banks.


Establishing Shariah governance frameworks, policies and protocols for Islamic retail and corporate banking.

Islamic Fintech



Structuring Shariah-compliant Fintech products and services for Islamic neobanks.


Experienced Shariah screening, review and certification of all types of crypto-assets.

Blockchain-based Solutions

Assisting you developing Shariah-compliant blockchain-based solutions, services and workflows.


Assembling end-to-end Shariah-compliant P2P finance and crowdfunding platforms for all forms of financing requirements.


Guiding you in orchestrating Shariah-compliant Investments whilst leveraging the latest technology and cloud-based services.

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