Shariah Product Development

Our Shariah product development advisory services provide a one-stop solution for all product development requirements, from Proof of Concept through to launch.

We leverage our understanding of Islamic financing techniques with practical understanding of tax and regulatory requirements to assist in the developing market-leading products in line with Shariah requirements. Our team has in-depth experience in development for all sectors such as banking, takaful, capital markets, alternative financing through to fintech. Our development focuses on ensuring your product is commercially viable, tax-efficient, in line with regulations and most importantly Shariah-compliant.

Why choose Amanah for product development?

Amanah is fast becoming a world-renowned Shariah advisory firm with reach across the continents. We ensure you receive an end-to-end Shariah experience and work at timescales to suit your business plans. By choosing us, you will enjoy a range of benefits that include the following:

Easy access to a world-renowned Shariah scholars
Track record for product development.
A senior team which has designed and reviewed over a hundred products globally.
Timely guidance and committed team ensuring you get optimal service levels.
Developing products for you that are not only Shariah-compliant, but commercially viable, tax-efficient and in line with legal and regulatory frameworks.

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