Audit and Assurance

Our experienced team of Shariah auditors deliver an end-to-end Shariah audit service enhancing your Shariah governance and Shariah certification requirements. We review the Shariah risks and compliance to ensure that the financial institution is meeting its Shariah compliance requirements.

Our services encompass a timely and periodical review conducted to provide an independent judgment regarding the policies and investments of your firm in light of the Shariah Standards.


Why you need a Shariah audit:

Fulfill Shariah certification requirements
Enhance your governance
Identify any deficiencies in the product
Maintain trust and transparency with customers
Enhance market reputation

Why choose Amanah Advisors for Auditing?

Amanah is fast becoming a world-renowned Shariah advisory firm with reach across the continents. We ensure you receive an end-to-end Shariah experience and work at timescales to suit your business plans. By choosing us, you will enjoy a range of benefits that include the following:

Easy access to a world-renowned Shariah scholars.
Experienced auditing team
Timely audit and review

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