Simplified Shariah Structures Guide: Murabaha

In this simplified guide, we will discuss the following: What a Murabaha is Key principles of a Murabaha structure The typical process of a Murabaha Applications of Murabaha    What is Murabaha Murabaha is commonly translated as a cost-plus margin sale. The word Murabaha comes from the root word “Ribh” which means profit. And the […]
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Simplified Shariah Structures Guide: Ijarah

In this simple guide, we will look at the following: What is Ijarah? Key requirements of Ijarah Applications of Ijarah 1. What is Ijarah? Ijarah is simply a Shariah lease. Ijarah is almost identical to an operating lease which involves the owner of the asset transferring the Manfa’ah (utility) of the asset to another person […]
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Simplified Shariah Guide on Timeshares

This simplified guide looks at timesharing and the Shariah considerations of the different forms of timesharing. What is time-sharing? Timeshare allows a person to buy the use of a holiday home for the same week or weeks every year. This concept is a fraction of the price of owning it all year-round. It also takes away […]
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